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Trouble Inactive
Fr 2021-10-22
Fr 2021-10-22
Failure of part of the network connection
This morning, Friday, 22.10.2021, the network connection from internal to the data center was disrupted for a few minutes.

Currently, there is still a problem with WLAN, so that WLAN connections cannot be established at DESY at the moment.

Connections from outside to DESY do not seem to have been affected by the problem.

As soon as more details are known, we will inform you.

We are working with the highest priority to resolve the problem.

Trouble caused by: Is under investigation.

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NetzwerkFr 2021-10-22
Trouble Inactive
Do 2021-10-14
Mo 2021-10-18
Login to Sync & Share partially not possible
Since a few days, there are intermittent problems with the login to DESY Sync & Share (among others sas.desy.de), if the network connection is established via the gateway computer bastion.desy.de.
In such a case, an error message appears indicating that too many login attempts are being done via an IP address at this time and access is therefore blocked for this IP address.

A solution to the problem will be implemented this afternoon.

Trouble caused by: A security mechanism of the service to prevent so-called brute force attacks (i.e. a very high number of login attempts).
SpeicherdienstMo 2021-10-18
Trouble Active
Di 2021-10-12
in progressUpdate 1: A0 Printer pubcp4a0 defective
According to current knowledge, a simple and short-term repair is not possible. The plotter will therefore probably not be usable for a longer period of time.


Since this morning, Tuesday, 12.10.2021 there is a hardware defect on the A0 printer (plotter) pubcp4a0. Therefore, it is not usable until the defective has been fixed.

In urgent cases, please contact the copy service (kopierzentrale@desy.de) to have A0 posters printed there.

We are in contact with a service provider to have the hardware defect on the device fixed soon. However this will probably take a few days.

Trouble caused by: Hardware defect

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PrintingFr 2021-10-15
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Maintenance Before
Mi 2021-10-27
in progressMaintenance of the Request Tracking System (Request Tracker)
On Wednesday, 27.10.2021, the Request Tracker (https://rt-system.desy.de) will not be available from 16:00 due to maintenance work. The exact duration of the maintenance cannot be estimated at this time.

Note for RT administrators:

Mail requests made to the Request Tracker during the maintenance will be delivered after the maintenance.
Please distribute this information to people in your group who work with the Request Tracker.

Maintenance caused by: Update of the System

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Anfragen-Verfolgungs-SystemDo 2021-10-21
Maintenance Before
Di 2021-10-26
Di 2021-10-26
Maintenance Oracle Apex Database
On Tuesday 26.10.2021 between 09:00 and 13:00 maintenance work will be carried out on the Oracle APEX environment (Application Express), on the Oracle database desy_db
and the ORDS Gateway on the application servers.

APEX is a service through which database-supported web applications can be developed and made available.

Due to the maintenance, the following applications, among others, will not be available during the maintenance period:

- IAM (not available for a significantly shorter period than the other services).
- DESY Online Applicant Portal
- Application Management EASY (https://easy.desy.de)
- The dosimetry applications (DESY and XFEL) (https://dosys.desy.de)
- Quota management tool Amfora (https://amfora.desy.de)
- DESY vehicle pool (https://fahrzeugpool.desy.de)
- DARF-DACHS (https://dd.desy.de)
- DESY Internal Training System (https://iss.desy.de)
- Project Management
- BELLE2 management
- Watch book
- PIER Administration
- Petra III Marketplace
- Scicon
- Contract management

All database interfaces of these systems are available during the maintenance.

As this is an infrastructure update, the downstream necessary migration of the affected APEX applications, as well as the information of the users, is the responsibility of the APEX developers.

Maintenance caused by: Infrastructure update of the central Oracle and APEX environment

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OracleFr 2021-10-22
Maintenance Inactive
Do 2021-10-21
Do 2021-10-21
Maintenance on the DESY Mail System
On Thursday, 21.10.2021, maintenance work will be carried out on the central e-mail service (https://mail.desy.de) between 09:30h and 12:30h.

During the maintenance, there will be minor interruptions in access via the web interface. Access with Outlook or Thunderbird will be limited. It may not be possible to access shared folders and calendars.

When composing emails, please regularly back up the current status in the drafts folder to avoid data loss.

Maintenance caused by: Updating Zimbra to the current version

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MailDo 2021-10-21
Maintenance Inactive
Mi 2021-10-20
Mi 2021-10-20
Monthly Maintenance - Microsoft Windows
On Wednesday, 20.10.2021, between 18:00h and 21:00h there can be interruptions of the access to the Windows network drives H:, N: and S:.
It is recommended to log out before this time in order to avoid possible data losses. The access to public Windows systems (Terminal Server) is also temporarily not possible.

Attention: The Windows Maintenance Day is associated with the general release of the monthly Microsoft and Adobe security updates on the morning of that day,
which must be installed on Windows computers in a timely manner! Please restart your computer when requested.

The maintenance in Zeuthen will take place on Wednesday, 20.10.2021, between 18:00h and 20:00h.

Maintenance caused by: The monthly maintenance work on the appropriate central computers. This requires only in the most unfavourable case the entire period of 3 resp. 2 hours
Win Net Drives (H:, N:, S:)Fr 2021-10-15
Maintenance Active
Fr 2021-10-15
Fr 2021-10-29
Finished: Maintenance of the messaging service Mattermost
The maintenance has been finished.


Between 10/15/2021 and 10/29/2021, the Mattermost messaging service (https://chat.desy.de) will be undergoing maintenance due to the occurrence of an error message regarding the current version and to resolve the issue. There may be short interruptions of the Mattermost messaging service in the evening hours during this period.

Maintenance caused by: Trouble shooting

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MessagingMi 2021-10-20
Maintenance Inactive
Di 2020-07-21
Di 2020-07-21
TSM (ADSM), each Tuesday, 12:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Regular Maintenance Slot: TSM (ADSM) backup server

Time: each Tuesday, 12:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Systems: all

Impact: The TSM backup servers will be partly down. It will not be possible to restore files on the central Unix or Windows systems from backups made by the TSM.

An apology must be made in advance: It is always possible that things do not work as planned. Therefore the given ending times may not be kept as promised.

Maintenance caused by: Update of the Service
BackupDo 2020-07-16
Known Issues
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Info Important
Mo 2021-08-16
in progressHigh utilization of devices without VPN connection due to DSM process
Since the last update of the DSM software shop, devices are heavily used by a part of the DSM application when there is a WLAN connection _without_ a VPN connection.

Due to the high load the responsiveness of the device may be impaired.

Possible workarounds:
- Start VPN or
- stop the service "DSM Core Services", please contact one of your group admins if necessary.

A solution is being worked on together with the manufacturer.
SoftwareverteilungFr 2021-08-27
Info Important
Do 2020-07-16
in progressShortages of IT Equipment
Due to the coronavirus situation, there are currently shortages of IT equipment on the market. This is leading to longer delivery times and in some cases to higher prices.

The delivery time of DELL notebooks, is currently six weeks and the prices of the webcams used at DESY, for example, have almost tripled to 167,-.
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~~~Di 2020-09-29
Info Important
Mi 2020-07-15
in progressPartial Malfunction of the Atlassian Tool Confluence
Currently we observe problems when editing web sites using the Atlassian Wiki Tool Confluence (https://confluence.desy.de). This means, if a page is saved you won't get the same page later again but some random previous version of it, so changes are lost.

Therefore, please check the page content of a revised version with the content of the updated version before you save the page.

We are working on a solution to this problem together with the manufacturer.
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ConfluenceDi 2020-09-29
Info Important
Do 2020-05-07
in progressDisturbance in QIP
Since today, May 7, 2020, there are some problems with changing IPv4 objects in the IP address management system QIP. The message "Fail to Safe" appears.

We are working together with the manufacturer to solve the problem.

As a workaround it can help to select the DHCP tab once after the message and go back to the Object tab and save again.
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~~~Di 2020-09-29
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Mi 2021-10-13
Regular Update of the Zoom App
Users who have installed the Zoom app on their computers to use the Zoom video conferencing service should ensure that they regularly update this app to the latest version.

The reason for this is that the minimum requirements for the Zoom apps are checked at regular intervals in order to guarantee all security-related updates of the conferencing tool on all computers.

If the app is no longer sufficiently up-to-date, you will be prompted to update. Without installing these updates, it will subsequently no longer be possible to use the Zoom App.

We therefore ask you to always keep your installed Zoom App up-to-date when prompted by it and to perform the necessary updates.
KonferenzwerkzeugMi 2021-10-13
Mi 2021-09-29
Command 'python' executes python3 on CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 systems
As of Monday, 11.10.2021 10:00h, the "python" command will be added on CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 systems and will execute "python3".
This will default to the current python version and configure the python command on Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 8 using the same logic as on previous OS versions.

With this change, python2 will _not_ be uninstalled, should it be present.
python2 could still be called via "python2". The "python3" command will also remain available.

Since python2 will not receive security support since 01.01.2020 and is therefore End of Life, it is strongly advised to use python3 exclusively anyway.
python2 scripts can be ported automatically via "2to3". More information can be found at https://docs.python.org/3/library/2to3.html.

Questions about this can be sent to linux@desy.de.

Reason for the News: Standardization of the python configuration.
~~~Mi 2021-09-29
Mi 2021-09-29
Atlassian Tool Bitbucket
For the Atlassian tool Bitbucket, older Sha1 algorithms (key exchanges, macs) have been disabled for ssh.

Key exchanges:

Macs: hmac-sha1

This change should not affect the service unless older ssh programs and configurations are used.
BitbucketMi 2021-09-29
Di 2020-03-24
Change of the On-Site Services of the Computer Center
In consideration of the current circumstances we change the availability of the computer center.

The computer center will be kept staffed from Monday to Friday from 9:00h to 17:00h. The acceptance of goods during opening hours and the continuous supervision of critical services are guaranteed.
However, on-site contact is reduced to the bare essentials and requires prior (appointment) arrangement.

Further information can be found at
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~~~Mo 2020-11-02